Our driving philosophy has been to offer flexible systems in order to make the lives of those we serve easier and more fulfilling, while enhancing and protecting what is, for many, a lifetime investment.   Our systems strengthen communities in order to better protect property investments.   We offer the best value for services available in the industry.


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We do not charge extra for site visits, bid acquisition, phone, or mileage expenses.  Actual postage and mailing expenses are the only charges you will regularly receive above your contracted monthly fee.

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We know that each association has its own unique requirements and demands, and it is our belief that every association should have the right to choose a management company that is flexible enough to provide a solution that fits, rather than adopt a “one size fits all” mentality.


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About Keith Rogers

Keith Rogers is our Founder and President

He has more than twenty five years of experience in property and association management.   He has managed local management companies as well as served as a Senior Regional Manager for one of the nation's largest companies.  Throughout his career, Keith has shared his expertise in improving software systems to benefit management.  Each area of service - accounting, work order control, architectural control, and budgeting is managed using all the benefits of great technology.  The result?  Smart tools to better serve the needs of your community.  With a passion for community improvement and expertise in property rehabilitation, Keith brings back a keen focus on improved lifestyle and an action plan to increase values.

Unlike many other management companies, Freestone Management Group does not inflate our billings to your association with additional monthly fees.We do not mark up office supplies, mailing, work orders, or charge for online payments by auto debit, or eCheck.

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