No, upon your request, we can review your services at any time and implement any changes you desire.



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Are the web-based self-management applications difficult to use?

Frequently Asked Questions

After six years of management and on a scale of 1-10, our Board and I rate Freestone a 15.  We will do anything to keep Freestone Management.      

  M.S. - Austin

We are a self-managed association using the tools Freestone Management has provided these ten years and would highly recommend their services.    

H.G. - Austin 

Our newly formed association is great full for the assistance we receive from Freestone with the many steps needed to complete new construction.  

P.B. - Granite Shoals

If we are or become self-managed, does that mean we have to stay self-managed?


Freestone Management Group,

P.O. Box  170598,

Austin, TX 78717 


We do not want a management company running every aspect of our association; do we have to subscribe to all of your services?No, our solutions and services can be tailored to provide the level of services that you need today with the flexibility of adding or removing services as your needs change.


Management Group

Yes, by utilizing volunteers in your community to handle violation enforcement, architectural requests, and work orders you can typically cut your management expenses by a large percentage.

Can we save money by self-managing our community?

They are very easy to use. If you can navigate a web page on the Internet, then you can use our applications.  Also, we provide training to your board.

Yes, we can arrange additional support at a predetermined hourly rate

For self-managed, do you provide consulting for renovation and repair?

How can your website help our community?


Our websites are fully integrated to our web-based property software and can be maintained by a HOA member.   They provide access to real-time account and balance information with online payment options.  Community news and calendar of events can be maintained, plus resident or Board directories.   Architectural request and work orders can be tracked.  Each website is custom to your community.