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For communities seeking full-service management, finding the right partner makes all the difference.  We never underestimate the importance of being accountable  to the associations and owners we serve.  In a full-service relationship, we serve in a wide array of areas such as


We understand that by choosing to self-manage your community, you have undertaken a very large responsibility.  We can help.  When other management companies offer a self-managed service, it usually translates to providing simple association accounting services.  We offer an entire toolbox of options to support the self-managed community.   Our clients can choose to streamline their association management activities through our unique web-based system that combines property management, financial reporting, a homeowners' website and a centralized database.  Here are a few of the benefits:

We are bonded and insured



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  • Accounting, collections, and communication overseen by a professional

  • Real-time financial, Violation and architectural reports in an understandable format

  • Access to customized letters for violation management

  • Architectural change request tracking based on ARC committee decisions

  • Work order management and vendor reports

  • Online invoice review and approval prior to payment

  • 24/7 Access to association records

  • Completely web-based, no software to purchase

Freestone Management Group,

P.O. Box 170598,

Austin, TX 78717 


  • Comprehensive operational and financial assistance, including tax concerns

  • Billing and collections

  • Forecasting and budgeting

  • Vendor evaluation and negotiation

  • Ongoing community inspections

  • Declaration and Covenant (CC&R) enforcement

  • Architectural control

  • Community website

  • Timely communication and meeting management

  • Insurance evaluation and cost savings

  • Online access to reporting and expense control